Birou | Invoicing Suite For Small & Medium Businesses

The Invoicing Suite
for Small & Medium Businesses

Complete, simple and powerful tools that helps you managing your business invoices, clients, statistics and more !

Easy, Fast & Complete.

Everything you need to manage a single or multiple businesses in one platform, easily and fast

Fast Invoicing

Send pdf invoices ready in less than 20 seconds, automate their recurrence and many more

Easy Estimates

Create an estimate very easily and send it to your client or invoice it with only 1 click

Track Expenses

Record your expenses in separate categories and compare them to incomes from your invoices

Manage Contacts

Manage your clients and providers and get each contact delayed payments easily

Team Collaboration

Invite your team to join your company and share with them all tools our solution offers

Customize Your Experience

Additional fields? conditional currency fields? documents titles? customize everything very easily!

Simple & Efficient Sales Life-cycle

From adding a client to recording the payment of his invoice, we cover it all

  • Clients Management
    Birou Clients

    Manage Your Clients And Get Their Balance Instantly

    Create, edit, delete and view your clients list very easily, and get instant statistics about their balance and due payments.

    You can of course directly add your client, for example when creating your invoice, no need to separate steps. Birou also offers reports about your clients sales and providers purchases that you can export easily and quickly.

  • Fill The Stock

    Keep Track Of Every Item You Have In Your Inventory

    From manual warehouse moves to automatically generated moves following invoices & expenses creation, you can keep track of every stock item easily and get a list of all moves in a beautiful well organised calendar.

    For example Items can also be created directly when creating an invoice or an estimate.

    Birou Items
  • Send An Estimate
    Birou Estimates

    Easily Send Estimates To Your Clients, Then Transform Them To Invoices With One Click

    Ready to send an estimate ? just enter items (existing, new, or even items you will only use in a single estimate that need no creation) and select your client, then send it quickly & easily. They validated ? One click, and we transform your estimate to a complete invoice !

  • Create The Invoice

    Multi-currency, Additional Fields, Recurrence & Anything You Need For A Professional Invoice

    Complete suite of options & features offering you the ability to create very beautiful invoices in a few seconds. You can also create recurring invoices. Invoicing cannot be easier !

    Generated invoices can be easily sent to your clients or simply downloaded, updated or just saved as a draft for a later use.

    Birou Suite also offers the ability to get paid online very easily. This option allows automatically your invoice to be accessed online by your client and pay it completely or partially very easily.

    Birou Invoices
  • Record The Payment
    Birou Payments

    You Got Paid ? Great ! Now Let's Record That And Get Some Statistics About Your Sales & Incomes !

    A very easy feature to use is the payment recording. you simply have to fill the payment form after choosing your client, and enter the received amount on the related invoice, then simply save it and that's it, you are done !

    Birou offers the ability to get paid online; every payment you receive online will generate a payment document that you can find quickly with your payments list.

Always Here For You

We provide all the support and assistance you need for your invoicing experience

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    Live Chat

    A professional is available to reply to your questions and assist you with your account or commercial questions

  2. 2

    Feature Request

    We grow the way you need us to! suggest your feature, and if it gets enough votes, our team will create it for you

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    Support Ticket

    You can also simply create a support ticket and our team will try to resolve all your issues within 48 hours

They Trust Us

Birou Suite needed no effort convincing big companies to join us

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Start a very simple and efficient experience managing your invoices with us !