My Providers

Providers Synthesis

You will find yourself on the Provider Summary page which lists your providers as well as the relative unpaid amounts and their main details.

The first step required to create an invoice or quote is to create a provider in your company. To do this, start by clicking on Providers under the Contacts section.

* You can also create your provider from the invoice or quote edit page.

New Provider

We will go to the New Provider page in order to create a Provider. To do this, click on New Provider at the top right of your page.

The creation of a new provider is divided into 3 steps. The first relates to the General Information of your provider. Start by filling in the First Name, Last Name and Company, which will generate three Display Name formats (used on your PDFs later) as follows; Last name First Name; Firstname name; Business. Fill in the email field if you wish to send him his invoices and quotes directly from Birou Suite. The currency is important because it is used to display or not the conditional additional fields as well as the currency on your documents. The other fields are optional.

Going afterwards to the second step entitled Invoicing Address which is completely identical to the third step Delivery Address. You can fill in one and click "Copy from * *" to fill in the other with the same details if for your provider the billing and delivery address is the same. These fields are not mandatory but can be used on your documents.

Provider Modification & Summary

To edit a provider, click on the blue pen icon on the same line of the provider in question. This will take us to a provider's summary and modification page


A Provider Summary shows you important statistics about your sales and payments to that provider. The first graph shows you a comparison between your Quotes, Invoices and Payments for this provider per month during the current year. To the right, you find the total outstanding receivables of the retail loan provider. Then the total of Payments Received, Quotes sent and Invoices sent. Then you find a summary of your provider's information.


On this page you will find the list of invoices, quotes and payments of your provider organized in chronological order.

Invoices, Quotes & Payments

These three tabs allow you to have a global overview on the list of your invoices, quotes and payments with the provider.


The last tab allows you to access the provider's editable file. You can enter the details of more or modify fields already filled in then click on Save at the bottom of the form

Import Providers

This feature allows you to import your providers in bulk. You can download the sample file at the top right of the page and follow the same example to populate an XLS, CSV, TSV, or XLSX file with your providers. Choose the delimiter of your file if you are using a CSV and the encoding used then upload your file.

Once your file is uploaded, link the columns of your file with the add provider form fields. For example if your file has a column called Provider Name, you must choose it on the Mapping form as Last Name.

Please make sure your contacts adhere to the following rules in order to process them. If a contact line does not respect them, it will be ignored and the import will continue from the next line. First name minimum of 3 characters and maximum of 30 characters, Last name (if defined) minimum of 3 characters and maximum 30 characters and most recently E-mail (if defined) must be an email correct.