Birou | Invoicing Suite For Small & Medium Businesses

Effortless Online Invoicing Suite

Birou’s customizable Suite saves you time, gets you paid, and makes managing contact information stress-free. Start exploring all the our invoicing features today.

Share Your Dashboard

Invite your collaborators to your company dashboard and let them help you managing your business

Additional & Conditions Inputs

Need to add an input to your documents? create and add basic or conditional inputs based on your contacts country or currency.

Customize Your Documents

Add your company address & banking details to your documents headers, customize displayed conditions & choose the right naming series to apply

Organized Actions On Your Calendar

Use our beautiful calendar to keep track of every stock move, document creation or anything else happening on your company

Activities Complete Log

Get notified about all activities, either it is about an invoice creation or product removal. You can also get notified instantly on Slack


Estimate, Invoice, Send & Get Paid Online !

With Birou Suite, creating & sending your invoices can't be easier, and not only, we help you managing all your sales cycle

Manage Your Clients Easily

Add your clients to your company dashboard, and get all needed statistics about them, invoices list and overdue payments

Create And Invoice Your Estimate

Give your clients an overview about your prices, offer them discounts and with click, transform it to an invoice

Complete Invoice Ready In One Click

Send your invoice to your client in one click or save it for a later use as a draft. You can also make it a recurrent one with one click

Record Your Payments

Received a new payment? record multiple or single invoice(s) offline payments in one payment document very easily

Getting Paid Online

Allow public access to your client to access your invoices to public payments and let them pay you online !

We All Hate Delayed Payments

No worries, setup your reminders and let our automatic bots send a recurrent reminder whenever an overdue invoice is reached

Lightweight stock management

Manage your products and services whether they are destined for buying or selling, define selling and buying default rate and default tax to apply if any and get instant statistics about lowest and highest stock, top sold items and most profitable ones.


Stock items movements are also automatically recorded on every expense or invoice creation and can also be made manually. We designed a platform for humans, easy to use, and intended to help you manage your business.

Staying on top of your expenses is crucial to running a strong business

Tracking your expenses is very easy with Birou Suite, and also very crucial to your business to get a complete comparison between your outcomes and incomes

Providers Management

Exactly like clients management, manage your providers very easily and get all your needed statistics about them

Prepare Your Orders

Ready to request some goods or services ? prepare your order and send it your provider, and transform it to an expense in one click

Track Your Expenses

Create your expenses and classify them under different categories to make expense tracking easier and reporting more targeted

Record Your Purchases Payments

Create an outgoing payment record for your expenses and compare your overall incomes and outcomes in friendly looking charts


Start a very simple and efficient experience managing your invoices with us !